Learnlets » Learning Management Colloquium: Day 1

Learnlets » Learning Management Colloquium: Day 1

I think this is a really important chart from Clark. The first striking thing about it is the start point – elearning. We are, today, at the low point of design depth and technical elegance and need to move to “intelligent systems” towards the top right. Running backwards, the precursor to intelligent systems is a Performance ecosystem. This concept is intriguing because it implies that at some point we will have learning designed so deep and so elegant in technological terms that performance (tracking, measurement) will become part of the learning environment itself. This is a precursor to intelligent systems because once we are able to get an integrated view of learning and performance, we shall be able to design systems that can implement the “business rules” of performance management and learning progressions. Thanks, Clark for the chart!

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  1. Glad you found it interesting, Viplav. The Performance Ecosystem is really about providing a comprehensive support environment for performance, covering learners from novice through to expert, and across domains, as in the diagram in this blogpost. (I usually show them together 😉

    It’s not about using all the technologies, naturally, but instead making sure all the areas are covered. It’s also about figuring out where new technologies fit. And, of course, it’s also about having them elegantly coupled behind the scenes, as you correctly infer.


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