CCK08: Call for Peer Review

This started out as an email, but transformed into a blog post (probably for the better), when I found I had very few email addresses 🙂

It’s been a great experience reading through all your posts and being part of the CCK08 experience. I have benefited greatly from the contributions made by the participants and for me, it has really brought home the immense diversity that the network brings.

As I was thinking about what I should try and do for the final project submission, I thought that a real way of assessing the nature, diversity and strength of my network was to reach out to my peers in the experience and request them to review one of my papers. I believe this will be useful from a variety of perspectives. Not only will I be able to receive honest and blunt critique of my contribution, but it will be a good way of evaluating how a peer review process would really work in a network of this kind.

I would really appreciate it if you could spare sometime providing a peer review for my Paper 2 : Changing Roles.

I know it is short notice and may be too much to ask given your own schedule and priorities or that you may not be interested. Do please feel free to not participate in this peer review. Let me know in any case.

If you do decide to participate in the peer review, here are some details:


Assignment: Paper 2

Learner: Viplav Baxi

Marker: <Your name here>

Date: <Review Date here>

Marking Criteria:



Arguments presented in the paper are supported with appropriate and relevant citations


Citations should include both course discussion (blogs, Moodle forums, live discussions in elluminate and Ustream) and course readings.


Synthesis and integration of various concepts discussed during the course


Creativity and originality of ideas presented



Grade: <A+/A/A-, B+/B/B-, C>


Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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