Terror in Mumbai

It is a heartbreaking moment for all of us. Terrorists, coming by the sea route, have wrought havoc on the city of Mumbai, our financial capital. They have killed scores of people and injured many more. Many still remain hostage to them across different locations in the city. An angered community has lashed out at what it calls inept political management while at the same time lauding the many brave soldiers and policemen who lost their lives and those that are continuing to stage an offensive even as I write this post.

In such a time of distress, as has happened in India, as has happened across the world, a plethora of emotions are being voiced – anger, frustration, grief and helplessness. It is a time when one hopes that everything will be alright, that public memory will be a tad longer this time, that governments in the South Asian region will accelerate the pace of the attack on terrorism, that politicians will not be able to inflame tensions or garner political mileage and that somewhere, somehow educators will start playing their part in encouraging an environment where our society and others start reflecting and acting on the core issues – demystifying and encouraging collaboration throughout the communities they work with every day.

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