Panel 5: VLEs in HE (HE 2010)

Major General S B Akali, Director, Global Institute of Healthcare Management, talked about facilities should be reused and how mobile technologies will really make the largest impact. He talked about how technology can change culture and lifestyles. We must figure what direction to take ICT in because one tree can create a thousand matchsticks, but one matchstick can burn a thousand trees.

Raunaq Singh Ahluwalia, Director, University 18, states give the kid a computer and connectivity, and he will win over the world. There is a lot of content available. Citing the NIIT Hole in the Wall experiment (which I happen to be perhaps the lone person in the world thinking “so what”), he thinks that there is no requirement to tell our students what to do. Over time, if we do the basics right, we will have trained people to really understand how to evolve over a period of time.

Dr. Nivedita, representing ISTE, the Indian Society for Technical Education, created in 1941, focuses of education for engineers and technicians. They cover from curriculum to teacher training and awards. They have 78000 teachers, 350,000 students and 1820 institutional members. They create the quarterly Indian Journal of Technical Education. They are fairly active, so it seems from the presentation.

This panel was a bit confusing because I did not particularly understand what the relevance of the panel topic had to these talks.

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