23. What if we did not train each teacher to have the same set of skills?

Why do we expect all teachers to learn the same skills? When we can have differentiated career and interest options for children, why can’t there be enough types of career profiles and options created for teachers?

At present the main categories include regular, sports and special education teaching.

What if some teachers get training to be professional coaches, experiential professors, edTech gurus, analytics gurus and so on? What if a teacher could also become the school CTO or Chief Data Scientist?

What if we do not think of teachers as versions – teacher 1.0, teacher 2.0 and so on – as if we are thinking of a new software version to resolve the problem?

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3 thoughts on “23. What if we did not train each teacher to have the same set of skills?

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  1. There are some basic skills that all teachers will need like organisational and curriculum planning, class management, conflict resolution , communication, how to set a class culture but apart from that specific training for specialised profiles have to be done example a language teacher will need a course on reading instruction or creative writing and a Math teacher will need on how to make math more visual, using the number line to teach fractions etc.

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    1. Kiran. I feel that we are under-leveraging the immense talent pool of teachers that we have. Teacher professional development has to evolve to make many new avenues for teachers to explore, not just with conventional methods but also with new ways of teaching and learning that are emerging today. We need a curriculum for teacher ed that is forward looking.


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