28. What if teachers played online games with students?

Today children spend a lot of time on games that teach them several vital skills like collaboration, problem solving, reasoning, strategy, decision making, team work and visual-spatial reasoning. But teachers are not included in this space, even for the more serious games that have demonstrable educational value.

What if teachers were to actively participate in the world of games? Perhaps they would be able to profile their students better, assess their learning needs from their actions and performance on these games, engage with them better in the language they understand and weave instruction around the game contexts?

Questions that need research:



  1. What are games?
  2. Do games have educational value or do they distract? Does play=learning?
  3. Do games increase engagement and connect with students?
  4. Do games have pedagogical value?
  5. Can games substitute traditional testing and provide additional insight into capabilities?
  6. Can games be used by teachers and parents to learn?
  7. Is there a balance to be considered, do we need one?
  8. What could be models for selection, adoption, assimilation of games in the class and beyond?

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