Mobiles in the classroom

An issue which sees heated arguments and intense polarization, is the issue of allowing mobile phones (and in general digital devices) to school. I explore some of the arguments for and against. Would love to hear your researched opinion!

edTech Policy

It has taken a Black Swan moment to push governments, institutions, teachers, parents and students to consider online teaching and learning as a serious tool for traditional education. In this moment, our approach to edTech from a policy perspective has been exposed.

To teach is to network

A fundamental principle of teaching online is to establish our own online learning networks - consisting not only of our peers and experts across the world, but also of our students. video?

Think about it. The only way you know how to teach is in person, broadcasting your thoughts and knowledge, engaging in full view so to speak. Let me take that away from you, for a moment.

Online vs Physical Class – What Changes and Why

Most teachers would approach the online medium very functionally i.e. a way to transfer ways of physical teaching, online. In this mode, we would be interested in how the medium can allow us to do things we normally do in the classroom. Tasks include: How can I take attendance?How can I write or present on... Continue Reading →

EdTech in a post COVID world

The COVID outbreak has created a fundamental shift in the way the traditional education system regards edTech. Here are the major shifts: Traditional Educational Institutions and all brick and mortar training organizations have had to ensure business continuity.Teachers have had no option but to bite the bullet and upskill themselves to take their classrooms onlineParents... Continue Reading →

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