Change11: OERU an Oxymoron?

This had been a sticking point in much of the Connectivism debate, so I was really interested in how Rory McGreal and team are addressing the challenge of assessment and accreditation in an open world in a formal way (recordings here of Rory's presentation). The project (called OER University) objectives were to survey the existing methods of... Continue Reading →

Change11: Death by structure

Two questions that Tony raised - do institutions need to change and does this change need to come from within or from outside - in his recent talk in Change11, obviously need answering. Tony makes the case for a formal planned process for adoption and use of learning technologies in the institution. He makes the... Continue Reading →

Change11: Connectives, Collectives

The position paper by Allison Littlejohn and her presentation leaves me a bit challenged, particularly in terms of the vocabulary. If you recall, there was a large amount of discussion in CCK around groups vs. networks (and Terry Anderson's session here), collective vs. connectives, the entire crowdsourcing hype (p16 on Paul Anderson's What is Web 2.0), the Critical Literacies MOOC and... Continue Reading →

Is Content King?

Inundated by familiar arguments regarding open content, debates on re-use, freemium business models for open content publishers, moral and economic arguments for open textbooks and so on, by David Wiley at #Change11, I can't help but ask - Is Content King? Content is king for publishers, authors and institutions in the educational context. This is... Continue Reading →

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