Walk with me…

Walk with me
by me, for me
when sleep seems
as inanimate as Death
and morning seems
like something which just
forgot to shine
to envelop my world in darkness
unyielding and mortal

Make music with me
by me, for me
so that I can hear
strains of our melody
pierce the dead death
inside me
whose only music is a straight line

Love me…
for I can be hated no more
Love me, with me
by me, for me…

2 thoughts on “Walk with me…

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  1. the world’s a stage,
    you play your part.
    all here are are for the same,
    and shall depart.

    but what makes sense,
    is to be alive,
    and move along togather,
    just to survive.

    walking long,
    gives peace to heart.
    and makes you play,
    the best in your part.

    no other love but your’s
    for yourself shall stay.
    the others are milestones,
    will be bygone someday.

    Mr. Baxi, the life,
    is such a strange game.
    you never make rules
    and no one can blame.

    you can cherish the gifts,
    but can’t complaint for wrong.
    your thoughts frame you,
    and write your life’s song.

    i appreciate your spirit,
    i like the goodness you keep.
    they sure will escort me,
    when i’m sunk down deep.

    thanks for the sweet post.



  2. Thanks Sujeet, for this wonderful response. It mirrors, extends the line of thoughts that I had years back when I wrote this one. Please do share more of your stuff when you have the time!


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