A collection of my poetry over the years

Walk with Me

The End



House of Shadows



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  1. Hi Viplav,

    I took a peek and am more interested in what I see in your poetry than anything else…

    Before going on let me state my beliefs toward religion… I am not religous and am developing leanings that lead me away from religion. While I do not consider myself atheist at this point, I’m actively questioning my belief systems personally. I was unfamiliar with the term “foeticide” and found this definition, Is this the same meaning you refer to in your poetry? Certainly, they appear to be different… although not entirely divorced from each other either. Further, your other poem “Walk with me…” seems worlds away from this definition.

    I attended a workshop this past weekend as part of a men’s group I belong to pertaining to “multi-cultural awarness.” I had some insights with respect to religion during this workshop and certainly your poetry gives me the impression you might be a good person to expand my thinking in this respect.

    I think if you lived closer we should have to discuss these ideas in a tavern although I don’t know if your beliefs allow you to consume alcohol. Then, having a discussion in a tavern does not require drinking alcohol either!



  2. Thanks, John for your comments! Maybe I should change my profession now 🙂

    You are right. Foeticide (, female infanticide (, religion, culture, law and belief systems are tied together in strong ways across the world. The poem by the same name brings out the pathos of the fetus or the newborn child. The other one, Walk with me, is very different and is more of a plea of a desperate man begging for change/love/inspiration.

    The tavern sounds enticing and we should definitely make it there some day! In the meantime, I would love to hear more from you on your reflections.


  3. Sir,
    There’s a response in the poetry sub page, walk with me….
    I have put in some thoughts in there…
    Duplicacy reduces the impact, so am not posting it again here.
    It was posted back on the 4th of march.
    plz check..


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