#rhizo15 Hacking the Week 4 challenge

Not just being sympathetic to Dave who must have spent many a sleepless night pondering over the questions for each week, but I thought we would have a bit of fun and try to predict the challenge he will pose in Week 4.

How do we really learn online? How much of control and direction do we need? How much of control do we want when we teach? How do we expect others to learn in such environments? What do we expect of them as co-learners?

In CCK08, we had some occasions when George, Stephen and Dave cleared the way for us to take the lead for a session. Throughout the cMOOCs (and in the course Alec Courous ran), and especially in Change 11, guest speakers posed the questions, made a presentation and presented their unique perspectives. This shifted the locus of control around to everyone’s great benefit.

So the unofficial rhizo-challenge for this week: should we, can we or how do we replace the idea of “Dave”?

10 thoughts on “#rhizo15 Hacking the Week 4 challenge

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  1. Interestingly posited and i’m excited to see how people respond to this, and that Dave has handed the question of the week over to a participant, in effect demonstrating possibilities. i like how these leading edge MOOCs take that Freirean idea of co-learning / interrogating the roles of teacher and learner, and further it… thanks!


  2. I see Dave took your thread and has us unraveling it … I wonder if this question is different if we think about online learning spaces and physical learning spaces (ie, classrooms)? In other words, is the teacher more in control when they are in the room with us? Is the student more apt to take control when everyone is online and not in physical proximity?
    Last year, when Rhizo14 ended, we did keep the class going, without Dave.
    And yet, even without a Dave, you need a Dave … someone who sparks the conversations and then let’s it go its own way.
    Great question … mulling things out loud here …


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